Friday, January 24, 2014

Goes to Sydney. Again

So I'm up in Sydney for the second time this holidays for work, this time on business instead of leisure. Suffice to say I learnt my lesson and did not miss the plane. However being sent solo to Sydney has it's downsides. For example, the view from my hotel room this time:

This is like, the western side of Sydney bay or something, cannot see anything from the window. I even wrote a poem to describe this predicament:

So alone
Such bored
Much time
What do?

Well seeing as I can't see anything the only logical course of action is to go outside and take a look around. It turns out that the bridge is right next door. In fact that's what you're looking at from the hotel, except well, you can't see the actual bridge.

So going up to the bridge I noticed this...'lane' on the right of the stairs. Not sure if bike lane or wheelchair access.

This is what the bridge looks like when you're running along it.
And if you look to the right, opera house and all in all its glory. They do a pretty good job of keeping it lit.

Finally made it to the other side! Success.
There's a nice little park on the north shore where I took all of these. And a little path along the beach that just keeps going, across the beach, going through these gardens, going and going and...
And then it ends up in someone's backyard :( There was a dude looking at me from the balcony sicne I was running around outside his yard taking photos etc. But I got away before he called the coppers.

The problem with going across a bridge is you have to run all the way back. But the good thing is that sometimes the scenery is different depending on which way you're going.

And the last bit of drama was that I forgot to bring my hotel key (bought my office pass instead). Had to badger hotel staff to let me in. It's actually not that hard to get access to someone's room, all you need to do is provide:
  • Name
  • Room number
  • Email
  • Phone number/travel agent
And you're in. I think this could probably be abused to great affect if you know someone's details, in the right circumstances.

Anyway that's all for Sydney adventures. Next time: misadvanetures in more interesting places.



  1. Yebrew, I don't know how I never found this. Nice banner by the way!

    1. haha thanks hebrew. This one is kinda dead, will be back with a new one. Eventually